Super Hydroseal™ Liquid Coating Super Hydroseal™ Liquid Coating
Great for small batches of lenses • Water contact angle of 112º to 118º • Can be applied as a wipe on method • A...
LensPro™ UV Hardcoat
• Safe & effective solvent-free formula • Compatible with all standard spin coating machines • Scratch resistant and superior tintability • Excellent AR adhesion •...
Suction Cups
SureSeal™ Coating
An Oil and Water Repellent Thin Film Coating for All AR Lenses Water contact angle of 106º to 112º Applied through low vacuum chamber (CVD)...
Hydroseal™ Gel Coating
A Cost Effective, Water Repellent-Easy to Clean, Thin Film Coating for All AR Lenses• Water contact angle of 100º to 106º • Can be applied...
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