DuraVision® BlueProtect DuraVision® BlueProtect
ZEISS DuraVision® BlueProtect reflects part of the blueviolet light coming from digital sources, preventing the light from entering the eye. DuraVision also works as an...
Hard Bristle Cleaning Brush
Use on machinery, small parts or for general cleaning. 1 unit
Lens Display
• Lucite • Holds 15 lenses (Not included)
Swarf Removal Tool
For removing residue from edges of polycarbonate lenses. 1 unit
Zeiss Lens Cloth & Spray Cleaning Kit
Zeiss is one of the best known lens manufactures.• Premium Microfiber Cloth • 2 oz. ZEISS Spray Lens Cleaner • Gently removes smudges • 24...
Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Wipes
Zeiss is one of the best known lens manufactures. Each kit contains: Pre-Moistened Individual foil packets Lint and ammonia-free Non-abrasive, anti-static Gently removes smudges 30 wipes/box...
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