24-Drawer Component Organizer
• Sturdy plastic construction with 24 individual compartments • 6.25 “ deep, 15.5” high, and 19.75” wide 1 unit
24-Drawer Component Organizer – Extra Dividers
• Extra dividers for use with Item #9210524 • 6 dividers per package 1 package
6-Compartment Organizer
• Sturdy plastic construction with secure closure • 6 compartments 1 unit
Adhesive Dispensing Tips
For controlled dispensing of eyeglass adhesives. Suitable for Lindberg syringes. 50 per pack. 1 pack
Eyewire Top Replacement Cord
• Choose from Small or Large Figure 8 nylon cord or T-shaped. • 1 meter roll package 1 package
Future Glue
Works through dirt and oils! No cleaning necessary prior to use. 2g tube. 1 tube
GS Crystal Cement w/Wire Applicator
An old standby! Designed for use on clear plastics. 1/3 fluid ounce tube. 1 tube
Hi-Tension Screw Locker
Will not craze most polycarbonate lenses. 6ml bottle. 1 bottle
Lens Grip
• Double-sided thin-sliced adhesive tape • 50' per roll 1 roll
Liquid Interliner
Loctite 4851 Flexible Instant Adhesive
Suitable for Lindberg frames. 20mg bottle. 1 bottle
Multi-Compartment Organizer
• Sturdy plastic construction with secure closure • Up to 36 compartments 1 unit
Nylon Lens Liner
• Choose from Standard (1.2mm) or Heavy (1.4mm) nylon liner • 4 yards per roll 1 roll
Optical Screw Locker 2-Pack
Standard cyanoacrylate based liquid screw locker. Two 3g bottles per package.1 package
Push-In Nosepad Removal Pliers
Never ruin a frame or misalign nosepad arms again! Simply put the forked jaw between the nosepad and the box and use the other jaw...
Rimless Bottom Cord
• For semi-rimless frames • 50 foot roll package 1 package
Rimless Bushing Cutting Pliers
For use on three-piece rimless bushings exclusively. The cutting end is highly polished to eliminate the risk of damage to lenses; therefore using this on...
Rimless Bushing Pulling Pliers
Clip the bushing off, then pull the frame from the other side for a neat easy removal. 1 unit
Rimless Bushing Pushing Pliers
Need to push a double pin compression bushing out? This is the right tool! 1 unit
Rimless Chamfering Tool
Simple way to file rough edges around the holes in drilled rimless glasses. 1 tool
Rimless Compression Mount Pliers
For use on three-piece compression style mounting systems to install the bushings. Can also be used for a bracing plier for these frame types. 1...
Rimless Mounting Tool
Permits easy insertion of lenses into all nylon banded semi-rimless frames eliminating the need for a roll of ribbon. Simply hook the end of this...
Rimless Mounting Tool - Replacement Hook
Set of 3 replacement hooks per package. 1 package
Temple End Shaping Pliers
An excellent choice for making the mastoid curve at the end of the temple. Nylon jaws for a sure, non-marring grip. 1 unit
Thin Bushing Cutting Pliers
For use on three-piece rimless bushings exclusively. Same cutting system as our 6130011 but with a thinner head to get in to tight places. The...
Titanium Nose Pads
Premium and Hypoallergenic! Available in: 8mm & 13mm Round & Oval Snap & screw 1 unit (3 pair per package)
Universal Measuring Disc
Use the Universal Measuring Disc to easily find what screw to use. Measures frame screw hole sizes from 1.0mm to2.2mm
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